Photo: Robert Lai

Photo: Robert Lai

Kelly Neuner, team Captain

Hometown: Connecticut

How I pay for bikes/off-bike skills: UX Designer; expert vegan baker

Favorite track snack: Fig bars

Favorite race/event: Chariot races and fixed crits!

Bike life highlights: Taking Silver at State Championships, fifth at Fyxation Open, and discovering 650 wheels.

  Photo: Kenji Edmonds

Photo: Kenji Edmonds

Leah Goldberg, assistant Team manager

Hometown: Seattle, WA

How I pay for bikes/off-bike skills: Software engineer, data nerd and expert assembler of Ikea furniture

Favorite track snack: I will eat anything that involves coffee or almond butter

Favorite race/event: Any kind of elimination race or points race

Bike life highlights: Winning the Gold at the 2017 Track State Championships! 

  Photo: Miki Marcinkewicz

Photo: Miki Marcinkewicz

Stefanie Lai

Hometown: Hong Kong

How I pay for bikes: Talking to people about brands, advertising, products, and anything else people want to market.

Off-bike skills: Climbing – mostly plastic, but I aspire to climbing more real rocks.

Favorite track snack: Bananas (sorry Angela) and anything with chocolate.

Favorite race/event: Devil's scratch & elimination race

Bike life highlights: Staying upright racing RHC in London in the downpour this year.


jen morral

Hometown: Clearville, PA

How I pay for bikes: Program Administrator at NYU Physics

Off-bike skills: Vegan gluten free baking and cooking, knitting, and cat whispering.

Favorite track snacks: Gomacro bars, oranges, bananas, shot bloks

Favorite race/event: Devil’s scratch, points race, and time trial

Bike life highlights: The best trip of my life was in 2015 when my previous roomie and I decided to bike from San Francisco to San Diego. Incredible views and we felt like we could take on the world afterwards!! Also winning gold at the 2016 NYS Track State Championships.

 Photo: Robert Lai

Photo: Robert Lai

Britney Polites

Hometown: Connecticut

How I pay for bikes/off-bike skills: Talent Liaison at a venue in BK

Favorite track snack: Fruit Punch Clif Bloks

Favorite race/event: Time will tell!

Bike life highlights: Getting the chance to be a part of a rad lady bike gang, Formula Femme. I have a feeling more highlights are on the horizon.

  Photo: Robert Lai

Photo: Robert Lai

Allie smith

Hometown: Massachusetts

How I pay for bikes/off-bike skills: Photographer working with art collections and archives/experienced dog walker and snuggler

Favorite track snack: Oranges, sunflower-seed-butter sammies, fig bars

Favorite race/event: Points race, elimination variations

Bike life highlights: Riding 126 miles to Bear Mountain and back in 7 hours

  Photo: Kenji Edmonds

Photo: Kenji Edmonds

Angela Sorensen

Hometown: Salem, NH

How I pay for bikes/off-bike skills: Retail Warrior/Solution Specialist/Dog Whisperer

Favorite track snack: Anything but bananas; I hate bananas.

Favorite race/event: I love points races and match sprints!  

Bike life highlights: Reigning NYC gold sprints queen.


Team Mascots



Off-bike skills: Cuddle master

Favorite track snack: Whatever I can steal from someone's bag

Favorite race/event: When everyone's hanging out between races

Bike life highlights: Going on a sixty-mile camping trip with my mom

  Photo: Miki Marcinkewicz

Photo: Miki Marcinkewicz


Off-bike skills: Street snack connoisseur

Favorite track snack: Literally anything. Particularly cute at watermelon snacking.

Favorite race/event: Chicken bone hunting

Bike life highlights: Rides in Mom's Warsaw bag to hang out at the bar -- especially with Bean